My crazy, creative kitchen

My name is Danielle.  I’m not a professional chef, or baker.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever taken a cooking course since high school home ec.  But I am a good cook and a great baker.

I think it’s because I love to do it.  Oh, I love to eat, that helps.  

My taste varies across the globe.  I’ve attempted many foreign culinary styles: some fantastic, some not-so.  My favourites are Indian, Greek, Italian, Turkish and Lebanese.  Sadly, only my son shares my adventurous taste buds.  Most of what I make is much more “family-friendly”.

I love to experiment.  Because I’m not a chef, but am a curious chemist, I enjoy switching ingredients and modifying recipes just to see how they turn out.  It’s the curious, experimental process I hope to capture with my latest blog.  So, if you enjoy the process as much as the outcomes, join me.  🙂


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